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A Year in the Life of active addiction, written in real-time.  
A mother and son's experience

Our Story

This is the story about a Mother and Son, a story about Addiction.  "I can't do this anymore" documents a year in the life of Karen Hardy and Bryan Massey.  It was written in real-time over the course of a year.  Karen started writing in July 2016 not knowing how the year would end and committed to documenting whatever happened.  The hope is to raise awareness of the daily ups and down, life and death, in the world of addiction.  There are thousands upon thousands of people who live with the pain of addiction, individuals who struggle with addiction, and those who love them.

Today, Karen and Bryan both reside in Maine.  Karen is a Mental Health and Addiction Counselor in private practice.  Bryan continues to recover from many traumas he has experienced, is working on an Associate Degree, and lives with his wife and their fur babies.  He is living a  life as never before and works on healing more every day.  We are grateful for the hard work we have put in to be able to continue to heal and try to help others along the way.


Are you the Mom of a child with an addiction?  Do you struggle with anxiety and worry as a result?  Would you like to have more calm and clarity?  I have an a.n.s.w.e.r. for that! If you want to get started,  Why wait?  CONTACT ME.

An online course to help moms....
coming soon!!!

This photo was taken in 2013, after the first rehab.  We had no idea how much lay ahead.

Karen has been a mental health and addiction counselor for 3o years. she has a private practice in maine. to learn more about her professional work visit her website here.
AUGUST 12, 2021

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