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Mom and son, healing together..

This photo is of me and my son, Bryan. It was taken about 25 years case you're wondering, that's Niagra Falls. We were on a trip with my mother, sister, and my daughter and we stopped here to have lunch and to say we visited The Falls. This was a difficult trip, as I recall. Relationship stuff. That happens in families affected by alcohol. We drove from MA. to MN. and back, in a car, in the summer....3 generations. It was not all fun.

At that point in my life, I was not as emotionally healthy as I desperately wish I had been. My children's father and I were together for a very short few years, though we did have these wonderful children together, our time together as people, and our divorce was not quiet or civil or friendly. Of course, the children suffered.

Welcome to our blog...

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